Our Mission

The Old Soldiers Home Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization supporting the veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC & Gulfport, MS through development, restoration, and preservation of centuries old infrastructure that will continue to enhance the quality of life in recognition of those who sacrificed so much through military service.


The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC (AFRH.gov) is in a precarious financial position. The Trust Fund that has kept this historic landmark serving Americas’ veterans for 166 continuous years is virtually depleted… developing a new source of additional income is critical.

To counter this dilemma, we have established The Old Soldiers Home Foundation… by the residents and for the residents. The first task is to get our effort off the ground, our next need will implement a plan that will correct some of the problems and prevent their re-occurrence.

Donations of Fifty Dollars ($50) or more will receive a limited edition commemorative coin pictured above… plus a personal thank you that will be sent to all other donors.

Our Shadows Tell Our Stories

The Old Soldier


At this point it is imperative that you, as one of 320 million Americans, and all of AFRH’s rent paying veterans, recognize and respond to our need to keep this Historic Landmark open, operating and serving our nation’s current and future military veterans.

Your support… countered with a Federal Tax Deduction… will allow current residents to gracefully grow old, knowing our Historic home will be safe and secure for us and for the survivors of wars yet to be won.

We are also asking you to pass our stories on to your friends, relatives and co-workers… for our total need is actually far more than we have stated… in advance thank you… and when you’re into your social-media activities please tell your relatives and friends all about us @TheOldSoldiersHome.org.

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On September 14, 1847, General Winfield Scott accepted the surrender of Mexico City and $150,000 in gold… paid by the City Fathers… for NOT ransacking their city.

General Scott paid off his troops and bought needed supplies with a small part of that retribution. The remaining $118,791.19 was delivered to Congress in 1851… to establish national homes for old and infirm Veterans.

The Old Soldiers Home, (as it was then called), gained lasting attention during the Civil War when President Lincoln periodically commuted to a vacant cottage on our grounds.

Now a fully restored National Monument, Lincoln’s Cottage is just inside our Main Gate.